Casio Service & Repairs

Shriro Australia is the authorised service center for Casio in Australia.

Warranty Repairs
Shriro Australia and its authorised service centres are entitled to carry out warranty repairs on Casio products in Australia. Repairs carried out by any unauthorised persons may void the warranty on your product.

If you require a warranty repair, please contact one of Shriro Australia's network of authorised repair centres or alternatively, your product can be sent directly to Shriro Australia for repair. Exchanges and refunds must be done at the retailer your product was purchased from.

Non-Warranty Repairs
Repairs that are not covered by warranty (wear & tear or physical damage) or repairs outside of the warranty period can be carried out by Shriro Australia or its authorised service centres at a charge. Unauthorised repairs will not be backed by Shriro Australia.

Shriro Australia Repair Forms
If you wish to send your product in to Shriro Australia for repair, forms can be found below. Repairs forms are categorised by product type and include information regarding Shriro Australia's repair process. These forms apply to warranty and chargeable repairs. 

Casio Timepiece Repair Form

Casio Calculator Repair Form

If your product's repair form is not listed here, email with your product's model, fault description and your request. Further instruction will be provided by reply.

General Service Enquiries
Frequently asked questions by product type can be found at the bottom of this page. 

Please contact us if you require assistance setting up your product or if your product does not operate according to the user manual.